David Horner

 David A. Horner

 Harold & Eva White Distinguished Professor in the Liberal Arts
 Professor of Physics and Chemistry

 North Central College, 30 N. Brainard St., Naperville, IL  60540


 Office:  Wentz Science Center 132

 Office phone:  (630) 637-5192
 e-mail: dahorner@noctrl.edu


Winter 2019 Office Hours

by appointment


CHM/PHY 340:  Thermodynamics

CHM 341:  Kinetics, Quantum Theory, and Spectroscopy
PHY 105:  Physics of Music

PHY 141:  Physics I

PHY 142:  Physics II

PHY 143:  Physics III

PHY 151:  Introduction to Special Relativity

PHY 244:  Physics IV

PHY 245:  Physics V: Quantum Physics
PHY 251:  Solid State Physics

PHY 450:  Advanced Laboratory

SCI 210:  Landmark Discoveries in Natural Science


Computational Materials Science


Significant Figures Tutorial


Excel Tutorials & Examples 

Getting Started with Excel

Graphing with Excel (includes information about trendlines and error bars)

How to do a Linear Regression with Excel (Excel's regression tool gives you the uncertainties on the slope & y-intercept)

Weighted Least Squares example (the proper way to do a linear regression when the uncertainties on the y values are not all the same)

Solver example (Solver is useful for doing nonlinear regressions)

MacroBundle   Robert de Levie's free collection of ready-to-use Excel macros.  Very useful for laboratory data analysis.  A description of each macro as well as instructions for installing Macrobundle in Excel may be found at the beginning of the document. 

Excel file with Macrobundle installed


Mathcad Tutorials & Examples (right-click and save file to your desktop, then open it with Mathcad)

Mathcad is installed on computers in Kroehler Science Center
Mathcad tutorial by S. Young & T. J. Zielinski, revised by D. A. Horner ( includes an introduction to error propagation)

Solving a System of Equations

Error Propagation


My Background


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